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Older Americans Month 2024

May 10th, 2024

Every May, we celebrate older Americans month. The 2024 theme is “Powered by Connection”. This theme represents the importance of maintaining meaningful relationships and social connections and the reflection it has on our health and wellbeing.

In the United States, an “Older American” is anyone over the age of 65. As of 2020, the US has 55.7 million people who fall into that category. A very Special group of Americans fall into the category of Centenarians, these people are over 100 years old! The US currently has 101,000 people who are over the age of 100. Although Tuscany Gardens does not have anyone currently in the Centenarian category, we have a few that are very close. Currently Tuscany has 19 residents who are 90 years old or older.

As life expectancy in the US continues to increase, so does the need to increase the understanding of how to connect with older adults and keep them active in society. Here are 5 ways to stay connected to the older adults in your life.

1. Volunteer! Volunteer at local senior centers, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities and encourage the residents to get more involved. Working alongside residents can foster feelings of camaraderie, increase feelings of self-worth and inclusion.

2. Listen! Listen to their experiences and share your own. Stories bring generations together and create meaningful bonds.

3. Help them navigate new technology! Teach them how to use smart phones, social media and make video calls to stay connected with friends and family.

4. Cook together! Food brings people together and creates ways to reminisce. You can ask them about favorite recipes from when they were young and how ingredients have change over the years.

5. Encourage intergenerational activities! Activities including kids, teens, young adults and older adults can be fun and meaningful for all. Encourage all groups to be active listeners and communicators. They all may learn something new.

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Older Americans Month 2024
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