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Celebrating the Easter Season

April 11, 2022
Spring and the Easter season have come upon us, and we have some festive fun planned for our employees! We love taking every opportunity to shower our employees with love and appreciation for all they do for our residents at Tuscany Gardens.

This month, we have a jarful of jelly beans for employees to guess how many are in the jar. Whoever guesses the closest wins one of our Easter basket prizes!

Did you know that jelly beans became associated with Easter during the 1930s thanks to their egg-like shape and ability to be stuffed into plastic eggs? Jellybeans also had a boost of popularity in the 1960s when Ronald Reagan (then governor of California) expressed his love for that specific candy. Believe it or not – buttered popcorn is the best-selling jelly bean flavor in the United States!

Share these fun facts about jelly beans at your Easter gathering to really shock your friends and family! Everyone at Tuscany Gardens is looking forward to spending this holiday together and spreading the Easter spirit.

Tuscany Gardens is always doing fun things for our staff and residents. Be sure to like us on Facebook to see more of our daily activities and be the first to know about upcoming events.

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